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Our History

From a humble workshop to a global enterprise

Siemens was founded in Berlin by Werner von Siemens in 1847. As an extraordinary inventor, engineer and entrepreneur, Werner von Siemens made the world's first pointer telegraph and electric dynamo, inventions that helped put the spin in the industrial revolution. He was the man behind one of the most fascinating success stories of all time - by turning a humble little workshop into one of the world's largest enterprises.

As Werner had envisioned, the company he started grew from strength to strength in every field of electrical engineering. From constructing the world's first electric railway to laying the first telegraph line linking Britain and India, Siemens was responsible for building much of the modern world's infrastructure.

Siemens is today a technology giant in more than 190 countries, employing some 440,000 people worldwide. Our work in the fields of energy, industry, communications, information, transportation, healthcare, components and lighting have become essential parts of everyday life.

While Werner was a tireless inventor during his days, Siemens today remains a relentless innovator. With innovations averaging 18 a day, it seems like the revolution Werner started is still going strong.


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